Lower Energy Costs

The cost of power has increased on average over 12.5% annually. In 2011 alone, electricity rates rose a staggering 23% in Melbourne. Most people are aware of the sharp increases in electricity prices over recent years. However many may not realise, much of the increase has been due to raised network charges, as much as the energy charges. In fact, over 50% of the average electricity bill is made up of network charges, and these are forecast to rise steeply in coming years.

Optimal have developed sophisticated tools to analyse your energy costs and determine the best way to reduce costs using on-site power generation. It is the way in which on-site power is used which makes all the difference to its cost effectiveness. Our obligation free energy audits will identify how your costs can be reduced.

Lower Emissions

Installing on-site power will not only make good financial sense for your Company, but will likely be the biggest single action you can take in the quest to achieve your carbon emissions goals.

With Optimal Energy, each unit of heat and power generated using our system means less CO2 released to the atmosphere. By producing electricity where it is needed, rather than in a remote power station there are no transmission losses.

As part of our energy audit we will conduct a detailed analysis of your current carbon emissions and identify the savings to be gained by installing on-site open-cycle power, cogen or trigen. Typically savings can be as much or more than 40% over current emissions levels.

Less Maintenance

Capstone Microturbines are used by thousands of customers worldwide, offering outstanding reliability and performance. This results in lower long term maintenance and running costs.

Modular & Flexible

Capstone’s extensive system range provides a scalable solution for almost any medium to large power user. Their modular design allows your organisation to expand your system to meet your power requirements over time, providing you with a completely flexible power solution.

Power Security

Much of the time we can be forgiven for taking access to power for granted. But for many industries, power security is possibly their most critical concern. During periods of extreme weather or other unforeseen events, a full or even partial loss of power could be potentially catastrophic.

If your company can identify with this risk factor, Optimal’s power solutions have power security at its core. The technology we use has an excellent track record for reliability, and incorporates several redundancies to ensure our clients are protected against costly grid failures.

By using an on-site Optimal power solution for your primary power, not only do you reduce your risks associated with power failure, but you save money by putting the capital otherwise invested in a back up power system to good use generating power a rate cheaper than the grid!

Free Heating & Cooling

For many organisations, heating and cooling represent a major cost to running their operation. Whether heating and cooling a building, or using heat and cooling in manufacturing or similar processes, Optimal can replace these costs by using the waste heat from power generation.

The waste heat can be used in an adsorption chiller, which uses the heat energy to drive a cooling process. These systems are known as cogeneration & trigeneration

Low Impact

Our Capstone MicroTurbines produce minimal noise, operating at 65dBA, making them suitable for almost any application. They also have a compact footprint, which allows the systems to be easily installed in to new facilities or retrofitted into an existing facility, where space is at a premium.