Optimal Group Finance allows your organisation to pocket the savings from cogeneration, without the upfront cost.

To offset rising electricity prices (due to increasing network costs) Optimal and the unique Capstone Microturbine™ offer commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.

Fix the cost of maintenance over longer terms

Optimal Finance offers tailored packages from short term rental to long term finance. Each contract includes Optimal’s Capstone backed Factory Protection Plan providing customers with fixed cost comprehensive maintenance for 5 or 9 years.

The Capstone Factory Protection Plan provides customers with a 5 or 9 year warranty, something unique to the Capstone Microturbine™. With Optimal Finance we can fix a customer’s finance AND maintenance costs for the period of the agreement.

Fix the cost of gas for 2 – 3 years

Optimal can assist customers with securing 2 to 3 year gas supply contracts. This provides customers surety that cogeneration savings will not diminish over time.

Guaranteed Buy-Back*

Optimal Finance offers a unique benefit, providing customers with a guaranteed buy-back price.

“Some customers are looking for equipment for a fixed project life,” said CEO Craig Dugan. “In these cases we offer++ the customer a guaranteed buy-back valuation of the microturbines for the end of the finance period. The Capstone MicroturbinesTM low maintenance requirements and Factory Protection Plans allows Optimal to lock-in a residual value for the Capstone equipment for the end of the finance period.”

“This provides customers with a welcomed and unexpected gain at the end of the finance period, or the knowledge they have an asset they can continue to extract significant savings from post their finance period” concluded Mr Dugan.

* Conditions apply for approved customers to qualify for the Buy-back Guarantee.