If your company can identify with this risk factor, Optimal Group’s power solutions have power security at their very core.

Much of the time we can be forgiven for taking access to power for granted. But for many industries, power security is possibly their most critical concern. During periods of extreme weather or other unforeseen events, a full or even partial loss of power could be potentially catastrophic.

If your company can identify with this risk factor, Optimal’s power solutions have power security at their very core.

The technology we use has an excellent track record for reliability, and incorporates several redundancies to ensure our clients are protected against costly grid failures.

By using an on-site Optimal power solution for your primary power, not only do you reduce your risks associated with power failure, but you save money by putting the capital otherwise invested in a back up power system to good use generating power at a rate cheaper than the grid!

Capstone’s Secure Power is the most reliable and affordable microturbine-powered UPS available. Ideal for mission-critical loads, Secure Power produces clean, IT-grade power that offers eight 9s of reliability.

We offer two Secure Power products including UPSource, which offers efficient primary power that runs parallel to, yet independent of, the grid, and Hybrid UPS, which offers dual-conversion power electronics via three modes – High Efficiency, Standard UPS, and Emergency Backup. Fuel efficiency up to 90%, minimal maintenance and no indoor floor space means low costs.

Key Features:

  • Clean-and-green (ultra-low exhaust emissions)
  • 99.999999% availability
  • IT-grade power
  • Up to 90% fuel efficient
  • Multi-fuel capable
  • Multiple power modules – no single point of failure
  • Low maintenance – only one moving part, no coolants or lubricants
  • No indoor floor space required (and associated costs)
  • Expands to match load growth
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) – uses waste heat for building heating
  • Combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) – uses absorption chiller for air conditioning


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