CR600 Power Package – Renewable Fuels

Product Description

World’s largest air-bearing turbine system produces 600kW of clean, green, and reliable power.

  • High electrical efficiency over a very wide operating range
  • Low-maintenance air bearings require no lube oil or coolant
  • Ultra-low emissions
  • High availability – part load redundancy
  • Proven technology with tens of millions of operating hours
  • Integrated utility synchronization and protection with a modular design
  • 5 and 9 year Factory Protection Plans available
  • Upgradable to 800kW and 1MW with field installed
  • Capstone 200kW power modules
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities


Electrical Power Output 600kW
Voltage 400 – 480 VAC
Electrical Service 3-Phase, 4 wire
Frequency 50/60 Hz, grid connect operation
Maximum Output Current 870A RMS @ 400V, grid connect operation
720A RMS @ 480V, grid connect operation
Electrical Efficiency LHV 33%