The many benefits of onsite power generation include energy that is greener, cheaper, and more reliable. Optimal’s power solutions can also incorporate systems to deliver free heating and cooling.

Low Energy Costs

Optimal offers obligation free energy reviews to help identify how much you can save.

On average, the cost of power has increased more than 12.5% annually over the past decade, due to a combination of increasing network fees and raising wholesale energy costs. We work with businesses to determine the best ways to avoid these price hikes and reduce energy costs with on-site power. Optimal offers obligation free energy reviews to help identify how much you can save. You can request this by filling out our cost savings form or by contacting us on 1300 678 476

Lower Emissions

Installing on-site power is likely the biggest single action you can take to reduce your company’s carbon emissions. For every unit of heat and power generated with a Capstone natural gas microturbine there is less CO2 released into the atmosphere. By producing electricity onsite we also eradicate transmission losses. Our customers typically achieve a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions, which is an amazing outcome for the environment.

Less Maintenance

Capstone microturbines are used by thousands of customers worldwide, offering outstanding reliability and performance. Their ‘single moving part’ engine design means they have little maintenance requirements and low long term running costs compared to their competitors. 

Modular & Flexible

Their modular design can provide you with a completely flexible power solution

Capstone’s extensive range of systems provides a scalable solution for almost any medium to large power user – from buildings to large scale remote and offshore applications. Their modular design allows your organisation to expand your system to meet your power requirements over time, providing you with a completely flexible power solution.

Power Security

Optimal’s onsite power solutions reduce the risks associated with costly grid failure. The technology we use has an excellent track record for reliability, and incorporates several redundancies or ‘backups’ to ensure our clients have continued access to power supply.

Free Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling are major running costs for many businesses. Whether controlling the temperature of a building, or using heating and cooling in manufacturing or similar processes, Optimal can replace these costs by utilising the waste heat energy created during power generation.

Low Impact

Our systems can be easily installed into new facilities or retrofitted into an existing facility

Our Capstone microturbines produce minimal noise, making them suitable for almost any application. They also have a compact footprint, which allows the systems to be easily installed in to new facilities or retrofitted into an existing facility where space is at a premium.