Combining power generation with heating and cooling is often called ‘Trigeneration’ and is one of the most cost efficient ways to create and use power. 

What is Combined Cooling, Heat and Power?

Power can be generated through a microturbine which can be powered by a number of different fuels like natural gas, biogas, LPG or even hydrogen. The process of generating power also creates waste heat that is captured to provide heating/hot water, chilled water or a combination of all three. Co and trigeneration systems deliver reliable low cost and low emission electricity heating and cooling for a range of applications from commercial buildings, industrial, agribusiness, resorts and hotels, hospitals, aged care and a range of other applications.  

It is remarkably cost efficient

Each Optimal energy solution is specifically tailored to meet the complete energy requirements of our customers. We pride ourselves on creating tailored energy solutions that perfectly fit the needs of our customers and deliver the maximum long term economic benefit. 

Optimal delivers proven long term reductions to customers energy bills.  Installing an Optimal energy solution can deliver reductions in your cost of energy of up to 40%. 

It will keep your carbon emissions down

Using Optimal to supply a Capstone microturbine to deliver power to your building can have enormous impacts on your CO2 emissions, Green Star and NABERS rating. By installing an Optimal energy solution CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 50%. To discuss the solution that best fits your need, get in touch below and we’ll run you through the specific environmental benefits.

Capstone Microturbines are the world leader through their use of innovation and engineering. Some of the benefits of using a Capstone Microturbine are as follows.

  • Very high thermal efficiency
  • Guaranteed 80,00 hour design life
  • System efficiency of up to 85%
  • Low noise and 0 vibration
  • Heat recovery options including hot water, steam and direct heating  


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