As the world moves towards cleaner and renewable sources of energy, the Capstone microturbine provides customers with the ability to maximise their use of renewable power while ensuring power availability 24/7.
Maximisation of Renewables 

The Capstone microturbine can be used in conjunction with renewable power to deliver energy when the renewable sources are insufficient,  and can provide the additional benefit of integrated heat recovery providing class leading efficiencies. With it’s small environmental footprint, the Capstone microturbine can be integrated seamlessly with other sources of renewable energy.

Unlike conventional generators, the Capstone microturbine inverter based power electronics provides digital power which will synchronise directly with solar, wind and pv without the need for complex additional control systems.

Capstone’s wide range of fuels ensures that our customers can select the lowest emission fuels available. From natural gas, to biogas or hydrogen all our fuels are based on the best and most efficient solutions for their specific energy requirements of the site.





Advantages of using a microturbine as a source of power:

  • Capstone microturbines only have one single moving part
  • You can use a range of fuel options from gas through to hydrogen
  • You can integrate our microturbines with solar PV, wind and batteries
  • Heat recovery is an option to maximise efficiency
  • Class leading low emissions
  • 80, 000 hour service life
  • Nationwide support