Optimal Group Australia Pty Ltd, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions and the exclusive Australian distributor for Capstone Microturbines™, today announced the launch of Optimal Finance Pty Ltd, an innovative way for business and industry to pocket the savings from cogeneration, without the upfront cost.

To offset rising electricity prices (due to increasing network costs) Optimal and the unique Capstone Microturbine™ offer commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. With only one moving part and vibration free operation, the Capstone Microturbine™ revolutionises embedded generation and allows customers large and small to save money and enjoy the benefits of cogenerated electricity.



The Capstone Microturbine™ is installed in a wide range of industries and applications.  

Unlike reciprocating gas engine based systems, the Capstone turbine can deliver power from 0% to 100% of its rated capacity with very low noise.   It is smaller, quieter, cleaner, lighter and has considerably lower long term maintenance costs than comparable gas engines.  Able to run 24/7, they offer a secure supplement or alternative to network power that is unmatched by traditional generators and solar systems.

“Concern over rising electricity prices has driven strong growth in our business,” said Mr Craig Dugan, CEO of Optimal Group Australia. “Over the past twelve months we have seen customers wanting to fund Optimal microturbine solutions for embedded power and cogeneration systems in the same manner as they would fund any other equipment or commercial assets.  Some organisations want to maximise their capital reserves, while investing in technologies to keep them ahead of their competition.   Whether they’re manufacturers, food processors, building owners or health and allied care operators; Power represents a major component of our customers operating costs. The Capstone MicroturbineTM offers unique benefits in reducing costs and carbon emissions.  Now we provide the facility for customers to fund their energy assets through Optimal Finance,” and flatten their project cashflow added Mr Dugan.

Fix the cost of maintenance over longer terms 

Optimal Finance offers tailored packages from short term rental to long term finance. Each contract includes Optimal’s Capstone backed Factory Protection Plan providing customers with fixed cost comprehensive maintenance for 5 or 9 years. “The Capstone Factory Protection Plan provides customers with a 5 or 9 year warranty, something unique to the Capstone MicroturbineTM.   With Optimal Finance we can fix a customer’s finance AND maintenance costs for the period of the agreement.

Fix the cost of gas for 2 – 3 years.

Optimal can assist customers with securing 2 to 3 year gas supply contracts.  This provides customers surety that cogeneration savings will not diminish over time.

Guaranteed Buy-Back++

Optimal Finance offers a unique benefit, providing customers with a guaranteed buy-back price.

“Some customers are looking for equipment for a fixed project life,” said Mr Dugan. “In these cases we offer++ the customer a guaranteed buy-back valuation of the microturbines for the end of the finance period. The Capstone MicroturbinesTM low maintenance requirements and Factory Protection Plans allows Optimal to lock-in a residual value for the Capstone equipment for the end of the finance period. This provides customers with a welcomed and unexpected gain at the end of the finance period, or the knowledge they have an asset they can continue to extract significant savings from post their finance period” concluded Mr Dugan.

++ Conditions apply for approved customers to qualify for the Buy-back Guarantee.

To discuss finance options for your organisation call Optimal Group on +61 (0) 3 9545 1077.