Project Details

Site OwnerWalker Corporation
Commission Date2012
Fuel SourceNatural Gas
FacilityOffice Building
LocationDocklands, VIC
System ApplicationCombined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP)


The 2012 renovation of Goods Shed North at Melbourne Docklands marks the restoration of a historically significant building that had remained derelict for three decades. The building's original design, dating back to its construction in 1889, featured mass-produced components, including lightweight wrought-iron roof trusses, sturdy cast-iron columns, and brick outer walls.

To meet the energy demands of this revitalised space, Walker Corporation chose to implement Capstone microturbines. Four C65 microturbines were deployed to power the northern section, while the southern half was equipped with three C65 microturbines. Each of these microturbine systems incorporated onboard heat recovery units, thereby facilitating efficient utilisation of waste heat for both building heating and absorption chilling purposes.

Due to this trigeneration setup the base building achieved a 5-Green-Star rating and a 6-Green-Star rating for the interior, which the tenants such as VicUrban and the Victorian Building Commission and Plumbing Industry Commission were prepared to pay a premium for.