Quad-generation is the simultaneous production of power, heating, cooling, and CO2 enriched air from a single generator package. It increases energy efficiency and reduces operational costs. On top of the right humidity and temperature settings, plants require carbon dioxide to flourish. Elevating CO2 concentration within greenhouses, particularly in the context of cultivating vegetables, has been demonstrated to significantly enhance crop yields. This strategic advantage can position greenhouse operators ahead of their outdoor cultivation counterparts.

Capstone Microturbines produce clean, reliable power from natural gas or LPG. These microturbines effectively reduce dependence on the conventional power grid, resulting in substantial energy cost savings. In addition to electrical energy generation, they also provide high-quality thermal energy with minimal emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and carbon monoxide (CO). The exhaust, while clean and oxygen rich, contains elevated levels of CO2, useful for promoting accelerated plant growth. Depending on how the CO2 is delivered into the glasshouse, the exhaust can either be cooled through an integrated hot water heat recovery unit and exhaust cooling system or sent to a hot water boiler as combustion air for additional heat and CO2 concentration.


Rainbow Bee Eater's ECHO2 technology represents a transformative advancement in the conversion of waste biomass, including wood chips and hay, into valuable biochar using the pyrolysis process. This innovative system also concurrently yields high-quality syngas and wood vinegar. The syngas generated by the ECHO2 boasts elevated CO2 concentrations, making it particularly advantageous for protected crop growers. As Syngas is less energy dense than natural gas, you need to use much more of it to do the same amount of work in a boiler, this results in the flue from a Syngas boiler having 50% more CO2 by volume. 

The exhaust from the syngas boiler that is rich in CO2 is now directed into the glasshouse for exceptional results. Given that many greenhouse operators already possess boilers for space heating and service water heating purposes, this solution represents a practical and cost-effective choice. Holla Fresh, an industry leading grower in South Australia, has been the first company to adopt this exciting new technology.