The Australian energy sector is currently experiencing a transformative shift, arguably the most significant since the inception of electrification more than 140 years ago. This shift is characterised by an overwhelming and pressing need to decarbonise energy sources that serve businesses, households, and transportation systems. Achieving this transition necessitates a comprehensive blend of solutions, encompassing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage technologies, to align with the climate objectives of both industry and government.

Optimal understands that for most of our customers, the production, management, and generation of energy is a distraction from their core business, and they simply want a reliable, cleaner source of energy with minimal complexity, no hidden costs, and a fixed and competitive lifecycle cost. Optimal does this by supplying the world leading technology with a suite of proprietary Opti-Analytics analysis tools and a range of fixed-cost “no-surprises” service plans for up to 20 years, tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. Key to our operation is our team of factory-trained Authorised Service Providers (ASPs), 24/7 support lines, and in-house spare parts and training facilities.

For over 13 years, we have offered a one-stop shop for our clients with services from feasibility, engineering to project delivery and lifetime service, support, and monitoring.

We are a dynamic business who have delivered world-first technical solutions for urban and remote energy users across Australia and the South Pacific. Our team has pioneered and developed solutions in combined heat and power, microgrids, ultracapacitor energy storage, gas microturbines & hydrogen fuel cells. We have active technologies in both CO2 capture and recovery for applications such as protected cropping fertigation.

Our company's expansion continues as we explore new opportunities within the renewable energy sector. We are dedicated to developing biogas solutions, green hydrogen, and syngas from biomass to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in power and thermal energy applications. Optimal Renewable Gas, established in 2020, aims to build grid-scale biomethane plants to produce and distribute renewable gas through gas networks and virtual network pathways like rLNG and rCNG. Optimal Renewable Gas is targeting the delivery of over 10 biomethane plants by 2030.