Specifically, our executive team includes Craig Dugan, serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Les Blackwell, who holds the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and Kane Ravenscroft, our Sales Director. Together, they bring to the table over a century of combined professional experience. In addition, our senior management team plays a pivotal role within the organisation, overseeing the successful delivery of projects, financial management, and the maintenance and support of our installed and commissioned systems.

Craig Dugan


As a major shareholder and former managing director of Process Group, Craig has over 30 years’ experience in the international onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. Trained as a process engineer, Craig brings to Optimal detailed knowledge of the unique problems faced by the oil and gas industry and the opportunities and benefits that the Capstone Microturbine offers this sector.

Les Blackwell


As a Rolls Royce trained aeronautical engineer with 30 years’ experience in international aerospace and maintenance, Les brings considerable know-how in gas turbines and related systems. This includes detailed knowledge of the long-term maintenance and operational systems used in this industry to ensure extremely high levels of equipment availability.

Kane Ravenscroft

Sales Director

Kane manages Optimal Group's sales and marketing operations, drawing upon over 20 years of frontline sales experience. He has a proven track record of business development in challenging market conditions, with a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and innovative strategies.

Jerry Zhou


Responsible for the group’s finance operation, Jerry is a commercially focused finance director with 15+ years’ experience with large multinational businesses with expertise in developing & executing strategy, M&A, internal control, financial and performance management.

Mathew Moore

Manager, Engineering & Projects

Mathew has worked in the energy efficiency sector as a Mechanical Engineer for over 20 years in project management and consulting, managing projects from commercial sized cogeneration systems to large base load power plants. Mathew’s engineering capabilities and experience provide the highest level of commercial and schedule management to Optimal, ensuring project success and client satisfaction.

David Sloss

Technical Services Manager

David is a skilled and experienced technician who places a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality customer service while managing Optimal's team of Authorised Service Providers (ASPs). His primary objective is to ensure a swift and efficient response to client service needs, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction, machine uptime and reliability.