This decentralized plant efficiently extracts electricity and heat from a variety of heterogeneous wooden residues, achieved through a combination of a combustion chamber and an externally fired micro gas turbine supplied by Capstone Green Energy.

The distinctive feature of the ClinX system is its exceptional capability to process wooden residues, including those with a high proportion of branches and bark, as well as a high moisture content, up to 50 percent, suitable for decentralized power generation. Wood with a wide range of grain sizes between P16-P45 and types including residual, industrial, landscape maintenance and damaged timber wood can be processed.

ClinX incorporates innovative technology, durable materials, and German engineering into its design. It is built with robust individual components, offering a long product life. Furthermore, the use of Capstone microturbines with innovative air bearings reduces the need for lubricants or coolants, enhancing system reliability.

This modular system can be customized to meet specific requirements, allowing for the addition of cooling generation or water treatment modules to the central combustion unit and subsequent energy conversion modules.

The B+K ClinX is available in two sizes, with options for 50 kW (pictured below, left) or 150 kW (pictured below, right) versions. It is a versatile and flexible choice wherever wooden residues are produced, or when cost-effective energy solutions are required.