Manufactured in California, these pioneering power generation systems have earned a reputation for delivering environmentally friendly, ultra-low emission power across numerous applications worldwide.

One notable aspect of these microturbines is their minimal maintenance requirements, thanks in part to their single-moving shaft design with frictionless air lubrication and cooling. This design eliminates the need for lubricants, coolants, or oils, setting them apart from traditional reciprocating gas engines. Moreover, they achieve better overall efficiency than reciprocating engines due to being able to run part-load, which also allows them to provide more or less power based on a business’ energy needs.

Our product lineup includes microturbines with 65kW and 200kW capacities, all of which can be powered by a variety of fuels, including Natural Gas, LPG, and Renewable Fuels, tailored to your specific business requirements. For larger-scale energy needs, we also offer 600-1000kW systems composed of multiple 200kW microturbines.