With a substantial portfolio of over 300 deployed projects and a total installed capacity of 1.5 GW, along with 2.6 GWh of equipment worldwide, LS Energy has established itself as a leading player in the industry.

AiON-ESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

A flagship offering from LS Energy is the AiON-ESS, an adaptable, modular AC energy storage solution designed for applications spanning from 1 hour to 2-6 hours. Both models integrate third-generation string inverters and Tier-1 energy-focused batteries into a single, scalable enclosure, reducing upfront capital costs and streamlining installation processes.

LS Energy's product line supports various energy storage use cases, offering a wide range of advanced operating modes for grid-forming and grid-following applications. The following are some of the best applications for these systems:

  1. Transmission and Distribution
    Energy storage presents an efficient alternative to traditional Transmission & Distribution upgrades, managing peak demand, optimising capacity, and eliminating the need for expensive infrastructure investments.
  2. Ancillary services
    Energy storage delivers swift and precise responses to frequency fluctuations, improving frequency regulation and response. It is adept at providing ancillary services, such as spinning reserves, reactive power support, and black start capabilities.
  3. Renewable integration
    Integrating energy storage with renewable sources, like wind and solar, offers advantages by smoothing production and time-shifting energy to match demand. LS Energy Solutions' products can be AC or DC coupled.

AiON-SIS (Inverter System)

Another product from LS Energy that we incorporate into our solutions is the AiON-String Inverter System, designed for bidirectional energy storage applications.

Distinguished by its exceptional power density, the AiON-SIS inverter incorporates a patented feature enabling parallel operation on both the AC and DC sides, facilitating the assembly of multiple inverters into more substantial units, reaching up to 3MVA in capacity. The AiON-SIS is designed to accommodate input voltages ranging from 620 VDC to 1500 VDC, ensuring compatibility with various existing and future energy storage technologies.

The AiON-SIS is air-cooled, enabling operation in environments with temperatures of up to 55°C, though some derating may be necessary. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Additionally, it offers optional grid-forming capability, making it well-suited for deployment in microgrid, backup power, and resiliency applications.