The Optimal Power Plus is a fully functional, robust, off-grid power supply that delivers reliable and versatile power when you want it, wherever you want it.

Modular integrated system

The PowerPlus combines solar PV,  a super capacitor, batteries, and the industry leading Capstone microturbine to deliver reliable power in the most remote environments. The PowerPlus includes optional functionality , including heat recovery to produce hot water or chilled water. It can also be provided with a high speed data port to deliver high speed data and communications.

Multiple fuel options

Another great benefit to the PowerPlus, is it’s ability to operate on a wide variety of fuels. These include natural gas, LPG, diesel, hydrogen and bio gas.


Very high uptimes

Capstone microturbines are engineered to perfection and with only one moving part,  there is less maintenance and downtime required.



Completely customisable Powerplus platform

One of the greatest things about Optimal PowerPlus is that it is completely customisable for every customers specific needs. Whether it is power, heating, cooling, high speed data or even storage of sensitive critical medicines. There is a PowerPlus solution to suit your needs.  

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