Project Details

Site OwnerAPA East Coast
Commission DateIn Progress
Fuel SourceNatural Gas
FacilityGas Compression Stations
LocationCromarty, QLD
Milne, NSW
Round Hill, QLD
Dulbydilla Creek, QLD
System ApplicationPower Only


After observing the demonstrated effectiveness of Capstone Microturbines deployed at their Ambania compressor station, APA Group has made the strategic decision to adopt a comparable solution for numerous compressor stations along the East Coast. This decision aligns particularly well with their ambitious gas grid expansion initiative in New South Wales (NSW).

Each compressor station will be equipped with the following components: an enclosed gas turbine driven compressor unit; microturbine; compressor inlet or scrubber; a control equipment building; two fuel gas skids; air compressors and receivers; associated piping, electrical equipment, instrumentation, and controls; a station vent; and small accommodation and maintenance buildings for operations.

It is worth noting that all these facilities will be either mounted on driven piles or supported by structural steel skids atop gravel sheeting, with the exception of the accommodation and maintenance buildings, which will be erected on concrete slabs.

The integration of microturbines into the infrastructure provides a versatile power generation solution, attributed to their capability to operate seamlessly across a range of load levels, coupled with their modular design and associated reliability advantages. Importantly, these microturbines possess dual-mode functionality, affording the flexibility to function both as autonomous generators and in a 'grid-connect' mode, should such a configuration become necessary in the future.

This operation reflects APA Group's commitment to the comprehensive modernisation of their gas grid and underscores their organisational evolution. So far, microturbines have been installed in their Cromarty and Milne compressor stations and the turbines for the Round Hill and Dulbydilla Creek stations have been shipped.