Project Details

Site OwnerDepartment of Primary Industries
Commission Date2014
Fuel SourceNatural Gas
FacilityOffice Building
LocationAttwood, VIC
System ApplicationPower Only


The Department of Primary Industry’s (now known as Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources) Attwood facility serves as a pivotal institution dedicated to crafting and implementing governmental policies and initiatives. These endeavours are tailored to empower the primary and energy sectors in Victoria, fostering sustainable prosperity and enhancing the overall well-being of its populace.

One notable achievement that underscores the Department's commitment to excellence is the attainment of a prestigious 5-Star Green Star rating for a transformative project. This endeavour encompassed the meticulous demolition and subsequent reconstruction of an existing facility, coupled with an extensive internal refurbishment and the upgrade of vital services within a second facility. The resulting edifice boasts several noteworthy features, including an Incident Control Centre designed to orchestrate and oversee Department of Primary Industries' extensive procedural activities and statewide operations. Additionally, the facility houses spacious open-plan office environments and a meticulously refurbished PC1 laboratory.

Given the pivotal nature of the Department's operations, an imperative arose to secure a power generation and backup solution of the utmost reliability, while simultaneously aligning with environmental sustainability and energy efficiency imperatives. It was during this critical juncture that Optimal Group emerged as a strategic partner, proposing the installation of three C65 microturbines capable of generating a robust and low-emission electrical output of 195kW. This innovative solution exemplifies the Department's unwavering commitment to both operational dependability and ecological responsibility.