Project Details

Site OwnerFiji Water
Commission Date2018
Fuel SourceLPG
FacilityRemote Factory
LocationRakiraki, Fiji
System ApplicationPower Only


FIJI Water which has embodied what it means to be Earth’s Finest Water since 1996, bottles its water in its Yaqara plant that is not connected to the power grid in Fiji, and as such is self-reliant. This has posed many challenges in the past such as reliability, high emissions due to reliance on diesel, high long-term energy costs, etc.

This is when Optimal stepped in with the solution to install 2MW of Capstone Microturbines, along with new propane (LPG) storage tanks, to reduce the plant's reliance on Diesel and improve reliability. The system was engineered, procured, and commissioned by Optimal Group in 2018 and it was the first large-scale project of its type in Fiji to move from diesel-based power generation to cleaner LPG.

The capacity of the LPG tank installed was 100,000 litres and the use of propane-fuelled microturbines provides an immediate greenhouse gas reduction to Fiji Water compared to diesel. It would also be a cleaner solution than power from the grid if it was available.

With a genuine desire to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, Fiji Water was proud to announce that they had converted 30% of their power across to propane and had reduced their overall emissions by 40%. Specifically, the Capstone Microturbines will result in a huge reduction in emissions including CO (carbon monoxide), NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and VOCs (volatile organic chemicals). LPG-fueled turbines don’t emit harmful particulates. In terms of financial savings, LPG will also be around 40% cheaper than their current source of energy.

As the company moves to the next phase of its sustainability goals, additional energy efficiency opportunities such as capturing the turbine exhaust for chilled water production (via absorption chillers), solar PV and battery systems are all being considered. And because Capstone microturbines can synchronise seamlessly with solar PV, grid and other power sources, the solution delivered by Optimal Group provides the customer with the ability to easily integrate these additional technologies that can further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power costs.

With most of the power generated in the South Pacific being via diesel, this is a fantastic example of how the region can move towards a greener, cleaner future for everyone.