Project Details

Site OwnerJemena
Commission Date2023
Fuel SourceHydrogen
FacilityGreen Gas Project
LocationHorsley Park, NSW
System ApplicationPower Only


Jemena, which owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy assets across the east coast of Australia and the Northern Territory, decided to begin the Western Sydney Green Gas project to investigate and innovate hydrogen applications in Australia.

Part of this project involves installing a natural gas C65 microturbine which will be converted to run on a hydrogen blend, which Optimal Group managed to accomplish in another world-first. This project also included an Optimal packaged 30 kW fuel cell to meet Jemena's deadline requested by Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and to demonstrate the advantages of each technology.

In May of 2022, after a lot of hard work, we finally started running the C65 at Jemena’s site using hydrogen from the site bulk storage produced by the Hydrogenics electrolyser, at 99.87% hydrogen purity. The fuel cell was put into operation around the same time.