Agl Turn To Optimal And Capstone Turbines

Over the past 180 years, AGL has grown to become one of Australia's largest integrated energy business accounting for around 20% of the country's energy generation.

Recently, AGL selected Optimal to deliver a Capstone Microturbine solution to use butane, a by-product of natural gas production, to generate power for their Wallumbilla facility as well as exporting to the grid.

Delivery of the Capstone C1000S Microturbine
Optimal were proud to deliver this ultra-low emissions, quiet and flexible power generation solution for AGL, further expanding our footprint in the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific regions we support.

AGL's Head of Gas Operations Burk McCaul stated ‘this is a representation of AGL’s strategy. We know what the future of energy looks like – renewables back by flexible storage technologies. One of the main drivers of the energy transition will be technology, and this project highlights how new technology and innovative thinking can improve both power security of supply and reduce energy costs – while reducing the site carbon footprint. We’re pretty proud of it.'

Optimal Group CEO, Craig Dugan, expanded on this sentiment, saying 'Optimal Group has seen the transition to a cleaner energy future accelerate at an unprecedented rate, which includes using unconventional fuels like butane, or renewable gases like biomethane and hydrogen. Optimal was founded on the principle of delivering cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy, and are excited that AGL chose to work with Optimal to deliver on this promise.'

You can read more about AGL's Butane microturbine project here

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