In 2021, UCAP Power expanded its footprint by acquiring the well-respected Maxwell brand, the Maxwell Technologies Korea business, and various other valuable assets from Maxwell Technologies. Optimal Group has an exclusive distribution and development partnership with UCAP Power in Australia.

Ultracapacitors represent a rapidly emerging and increasingly applied technology, demonstrating the remarkable capability to swiftly and efficiently store and discharge energy. Their multifaceted advantages have led to their adoption in a wide spectrum of current applications, with the promise of numerous potential uses. Ultracapacitors serve as a complementary energy source, adept at delivering quick bursts of power when primary sources, such as internal combustion engines, fuel cells, or batteries, fall short. The future of ultracapacitors appears exceptionally promising, solidifying their position as a robust alternative energy resource.

The potential applications for ultracapacitors are extensive. At Optimal Group, we have harnessed the capabilities of these systems to address rapid changes in demand (cyclical loads) that waste energy and are otherwise difficult to manage efficiently.

Ultracapacitors also find utility in harvesting energy from regenerative braking systems, providing power for hybrid and electric vehicle acceleration, supporting lifting operations, bridging power gaps in data centres during outages, and facilitating the initiation of backup power systems like diesel generators or fuel cells. Furthermore, they offer an effective energy storage solution for bolstering the output of renewable energy installations and enhancing grid stability, among numerous other versatile applications.