Our flexible and modular gas microturbines will generate cogeneration power that can reduce energy costs to your business and lower carbon emissions.


the benefits
of onsite power

Lower Energy Costs

Optimal Group’s microturbines can help dramatically reduce your energy costs, delivering savings to your business.


Power Security

Our technology incorporates several redundancies to ensure our clients are protected against costly grid failures.

Less Maintenance

Featuring a single moving part design with proprietary air bearing technology, Capstone turbines have much lower downtime and service requirements. With no oils, coolants or other lubricants for turbine operation required, reliability and high uptimes are assured.

Free Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling represent a major operational cost. Optimal Group can reduce these costs by harnessing the heat produced from power generation, dramatically increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Capstone turbines generate ultra-low emission power at your facility thanks to lean burn combustion technology. Our generation systems reduce carbon dioxide & monoxide, NOx and volatile organic chemicals compared to the grid and traditional onsite generation systems.

Modular & Flexible

Capstone’s extensive system range provides a scalable solution for almost any medium to large power user.

Find out how much money you could save on your power bills?

If you currently spend more than $8,000 on your monthly energy bill, then it’s time you considered our onsite power solution.
Complete our preliminary Energy Audit Form or call 1300 678 476 to find out how much you can save.

We provide cogeneration solutions to leading organisations

Aged Care Facility

Retail Buildings

Office Buildings

Residential Buildings


Universities & Institutions

Aquatic & Leisure Power Generation

Hotels & Resorts

Manufacturing Facility

Data Centers

Food Processors

Offshore Rigs