HIF Global And ORG Collaborate To Accelerate Australian eFuels Development

HIF Global, the world´s leading eFuels company, today announces an agreement to collaborate with Optimal Renewable Gas (ORG) to potentially supply 15,000 tons of biogenic carbon dioxide to the HIF Tasmania eFuel Facility.

ORG is developing a plant in Westbury, Tasmania, using organic waste to produce 300 terajoules per annum of biomethane to replace fossil derived gas. A by-product of this process is biogenic carbon dioxide, which HIF requires to produce carbon neutral fuel from its proposed facility in North West Tasmania. 

Ignacio Hernandez, HIF Asia Pacific’s CEO, said: “ORG’s plans are complementary to ours, so we are very pleased to be collaborating with another project in northern Tasmania which strives to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and tackle the threat of climate change. We look forward to exploring the potential for the Westbury Bio-hub to supply a portion of our carbon dioxide demand alongside plantation residue from the state’s sustainable forestry operations.”

HIF Tasmania 3D Model Demonstration.

Mike Davis, ORG’s Managing Director, said: “This exciting collaboration presents a further circular economy opportunity to utilise the biogenic carbon dioxide from our Westbury Bio-hub.”

HIF Tasmania is located on the Forico-managed plantation at Surrey Hills, 30km south of Burnie and is on track to become Australia’s first operational eFuel plant in 2028. 

The facility will produce eFuel using electrolyzers powered by renewable energy to separate hydrogen from oxygen in water. The green hydrogen is combined with recycled carbon dioxide to produce carbon neutral eFuels, which are chemically equivalent to fuels used today and can therefore be dropped-in to existing engines without requiring any modifications.

In late 2023, HIF Tasmania was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Government’s $2bn Hydrogen Headstart program.