Optimal Renewable Gas (ORG) Selects Preferred Technology Partner

Optimal Renewable Gas (ORG) has concluded its Request for Proposal process for its biomethane plant in Westbury, Tasmania, selecting HoSt Group (HoSt) as the preferred technology partner.

HoSt is an experienced renewable energy technology supplier with over 500 employees, 7 offices and 30 years of anaerobic digestion experience, having developed over 450 projects across 35 countries. 

ORG and HoSt have agreed to further collaborate under an MOU to accelerate the assessment, evaluation, and potential commercialisation of ORG’s 10 biomethane projects in Australia. 

HoSt provides the complete anaerobic digestion technology including the digesters and biogas upgrading system with membrane technology.

HoSt has over 30 years of anaerobic digestion experience.

Biomethane is a renewable gas created by processing biogas which is generated from decomposing organic waste. Biomethane is interchangeable with natural gas and is, therefore, compatible with existing gas network infrastructure, gas appliances used in homes and businesses today, as well as industrial manufacturing processes.

Internationally, large-scale biomethane production is demonstrating the benefits of a circular economy – where organic waste is diverted from landfill, reducing fugitive emissions, returning nutrients to agriculture and providing reliable and responsive renewable energy which can be used to complement other renewable energy such as wind and solar, and displace natural gas sourced from fossil fuel.

ORG’s Managing Director, Mike Davis, said: “We are excited to be working with the HoSt team and bringing their breadth of experience to accelerate our pipeline of projects”.

HoSt Group’s Sales Manager Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek, said: “Joining forces with ORG in Australia, we’re set to demonstrate our full-scope biogas solutions. We are excited to embark on this journey, launch our inaugural project soon, and establishing a strong presence in this market”.